Advanced SMP Training

Advanced SMP Training

INKD SMP International Training Academy

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SMP Course for Experienced Tattoo Artists

INKD SMP offers the industry’s most premium, comprehensive and structured Scalp Micropigmentation Training programs. Learn this highly specialised art with both hands on and essential online components.

Our courses were designed to empower you as an artist with comprehensive skills and hands-on experience. 

When you train with us you’ll join our international support network and receive unrivalled mentoring by our team of artists. We teach you the exact methods that have made us an internationally renowned studio. We’re in high demand for our signature 3D realism tattoo style and hyper realistic hairlines.

Our courses are for experienced artists who are serious about becoming industry leading experts.

SMP Training in Canada

Our Training Options

We have 2 options for experienced artists:

2 day SMP Certification
for ​Experienced PMU and Tattoo Artists

1 & 2 Day solo mentoring
for certified SMP artists

Leading SMP Experts

Your training is the foundation to your artistry and one of the most important investments in your SMP career – to be a great artist you must train with great artists.

INKD SMP is one of the busiest and top rated SMP studios in all of Australia. We have transformed the lives of 1500+ clients, and over 200 students since  2019. We’re in high demand for our signature 3D realism tattoo style and hyper realistic hairlines.

When you train with us, you’re training with SMP experts who perform hundreds of treatments per year, we aren’t just trainers! Our course was designed with YOU as the student in mind and features a science and experience based curriculum.

What Sets Us Apart

1. Unrivalled Expertise:

Our director and lead trainer Ana James is 7X SMP certified and teaches monthly classes across Australia, New Zealand, Canada & USA. She has overseen over 1500 SMP treatments to date.

2. Renowned World Wide:

Our online mentoring program is also the industry’s #1  trusted by experienced artists worldwide who want to LEVEL UP their knowledge and businesses. We cover all the key theory, advanced techniques and skills that other SMP trainings miss time and time again.

3. Cutting-Edge Techniques:

Stay ahead of the curve with training that incorporates the latest SMP techniques and advancements. We teach your own signature 3D realism technique using proven online and hands on components.

4. Personalised Guidance:

Small classes so you receive individualised attention and guidance tailored to your skill level and aspirations. Ongoing mentoring to help you grow and succeed. with supportive and encouraging trainers. You’ll join our international community of artists!

SMP Training Results

What’s included

Certificate of Completion from Accredited Trainer

  • 2 days hands on training
  • Access to Inkd SMP Online Course  
  • 2 live models provided 
  • Photo & video content during training to use for your portfolio
  • World wide mentoring group – exclusive access!
  • Product & supplier discounts
  • Fully tax deductible educational course 
  • Client paperwork template examples
  • Pricing guideline
  • How to nail SMP client consultations 

What you will learn

Our mission is to ensure every student leaves our training course confident, competent and excited to start performing SMP treatments straight away! We follow a structured course curriculum with both online pre-study and in-person hands-on components.

Our course covers skills and advanced techniques that our team use daily to get natural, realistic results for every client. We go over everything from technique and essential theory, to background knowledge of the skin and anatomy. We see dozens of SMP repair jobs yearly and teach you not only what to do, but what NOT to do.

An included bonus is AJ’s proven SMP business roadmap and step by step guide to sales and consultations that will propel you ahead in this specialised industry.

Meet your SMP Trainer

INKD SMP is one of Australia’s busiest and top rated studios. Since 2019 our team has helped change the lives of over 2000 clients and students world wide.

During your advanced  training you’ll be taught by Director Ana James (AJ) and  have the chance to observe our team of mega talented professional artists.

INKD SMP’s Director and lead trainer AJ is one of few accredited PMU trainers – she holds a Cert IV TAE Trainer and Assessor certification, officially qualifying her to design, teach and deliver nationally recognised training programs. She has designed Inkd SMP’s training courses to be well structured, in depth and on par with a credited program.

​As one of the industry’s most successful business women, AJ is the go-to mentor for experienced SMP artists looking to LEVEL UP their knowledge and scale their businesses.

2 day SMP Certification

Course Details

For ​Experienced PMU and Tattoo Artists.

To be eligible for this course you must have a minimum of 1 year’s tattoo experience using a machine. This may be in PMU or body tattooing.

All students must complete the Inkd SMP online course prior to attendance.

At home practice tasks must be submitted prior to class commencement.​

Self paced at home pre study and practice tasks to be submitted:

  • Full online course completion
  • Paper practice tasks
  • Machine work practice tasks

​No kit is included: Students must possess their own tattoo machine and supplies. SMP kits or supplies may be purchased separately at our 20% off student discount rate. Please advise beforehand.

Estimated time required: 25+ hours.

We recommend 1 month to complete your online course and practice tasks.

Online SMP Course Completion

Included in your training package is a enrolment into our full comprehensive Scalp Micropigmentation online course and world wide support network. You’ll receive Invaluable access to AJ’s advanced knowledge, expertise and years of experience. The attention to detail within the course is simply unmatched, anywhere! 

Study the science behind SMP, view in depth video tutorials, complete paper and machine practice tasks and quizzes. Learn at your own pace prior to hands on course commencement. Refer back to study materials and video tutorials at after the hands on practicum to help you refresh and retain your knowledge. 12 months access.

Completing your theory and practice tasks before course commencement ensures our students have an understanding of SMP before we start hands on tasks, making it easier for you to grasp the techniques and why we do them – plus it gives us maximum hands on skills time!

Online Course Breakdown 

Over 100+ in depth lessons & tutorials!

  • SMP science and anatomy
  • Pre/post care
  • Health & safety compliance 
  • Inkd SMP simplified pigment ratios 
  • Inkd SMP NAPID DAC essential skills 
  • SMP layering process 
  • Matching hair colour
SMP Treatment types ​
  • Inkd SMP signature 3D realism technique 
  • ​Mapping and designing hairlines
  • Sessions 1-3 hairline treatments
  • Men’s density treatment
  • Women’s hairline & baby hair density 
  • Undetectable blends
  • SMP and hair transplants 
  • Alopecia and SMP 
  • Working with dark skin tones
  • Scar camouflage
  • SMP refresh sessions
  • Troubleshooting skin types and unexpected healed results
  • Unique client case studies 
  • and MORE!  
​Social media and marketing  
  • Nailing client consultations 
  • SMP Sales processes
  • Interactive online Q&A sections
  • AJ’s roadmap to starting your SMP business
  • Improving your mindset and motivation
  • 20% off all 5pm Shadow SMP products

Upon completion of our course you’ll have an in depth understanding of SMP, hairline design, the layering process and more!

Intensive 2 Days in person training

​Times : 8am-4 pm daily.

Course Overview

Day 1 : Review, practice and demonstrations

Live client demonstrations by AJ + Team​

  • Hairline design process 
  • Density treatment 
  • NAPID DAC skills development 
  • Online course essentials 

Day 2 : Review, practice and demonstrations

Student live models 

  • Hairline design process and bald model 
  • Density treatment and long hair model 
  • NAPID DAC skills development 
  • Online course essentials

Models: Students must bring either one bald or one density model for class. 

Your 2nd model will be provided by INKD SMP.


A machine with a minimum stroke of 3.5mm is required for SMP. 

Machines and kits are available for purchase. Please advise us prior to training if you wish to purchase a machine. Inkd SMP machines are the wireless 3.5mm stroke Dragonhawk Mast Archer. 

Needles, pigments and supplies for class will be supplied. 

A list of recommended supplies to perform SMP is below.

Recommended Supplies for SMP: 

  • Rotary machine with 3.5 or 4.2 stroke 
  • Needles : 0403RL / 0603RL / 0803RL 
  • 5pm Shadow black pigment 
  • Orange Neutraliser pigment 
  • White hairline pencil
  • Black hairline marker
  • 12mm pigment pots 
  • Isopropyl alcohol

Course Investment: AUD $3900.

A deposit of $1950 is required to secure your space in the 2 day class. Balances are due 7 days prior to class commencement.

For artists who wish to learn in a slower, ‘back to basics’  full classroom environment, please see our training page for information on the 4 day beginners courses.

Class dates with AJ are set below. For year round training dates with our team in Canada and New Zealand, please email us here. 

Important : When emailing, please provide your phone number.

Upcoming Dates


  • August 13 – 16, 2024
  • October 3 – 6, 2024


  • Beginners – August 22 – 25, 2024
  • Experienced PMU & Tattooist : August 27- 28, 2024

New Zealand

  • 4 Day Beginners – July 19 – 22, 2024
  • 2 Day Experienced Artists – July 23 – 24, 2024


  • April 17 – 20, 2024 (Booked Out)
  • November 20 – 23, 2024

Miami USA

  • Masterclass – April 24 & 25, 2025

1 & 2 Day Solo Mentoring

For Certified SMP Artists

  • Certified SMP Artists only 
  • Solo mentoring for our past students 

This training is for SMP artists who’d like to refine their skills. Flexible dates. 

It is recommended for all artists to complete our Online Course prior to your mentoring day, regardless of tattoo experience. There are very specific elements to our 3D realism SMP technique that must be understood.

One day Training & Mentoring
  • Shadow Inkd SMP team through client sessions.
  • Q&A – training tailored to your specific questions and areas of focus. 
  • Colour theory, needle selection, skin types, blending, shading, practice tasks.
  • Guidance on booking systems, client forms, sales and social media.
  • Option to work with one live model – treatment type of your choice 
  • Bring your own model or client for AJ to help you through one session.
  • Model supplied on request (additional cost)
  • Inkd SMP Masterclass ongoing learning certificate.
  • No kit included.
Two day Training & Mentoring

One day training inclusions plus an additional model session. 

Return after 10+ days to complete your Day 1 model’s session 2. 

OR work on a different model type of your choice

  • Bring your own model or client for AJ to help you through one session.
  • Models may be supplied upon request (additional cost)
  • Inkd SMP Masterclass ongoing learning certificate.
  • No kit included

1 day training: AUD $2500 

  • Existing students: AUD $1200

2 day training: AUD $3900

  • Existing students: AUD $2600

Class dates with AJ are set below. For year round training dates with our team in Canada and New Zealand, please email us here.

Important: When emailing, please provide your phone number.

Purchase Now

Ongoing Mentoring

Following completion of your course our team will be available for ongoing mentoring and skills assistance via our interactive and exclusive online school community!​

Interactive forum style platform. 

  • Monthly webinar updates
  • Panel of expert artists and trainers
  • Get assistance and feedback on your work
  • Marketing and branding pros
  • Lessons and chats organised by treatment 
  • See other student wins 
  • Supportive worldwide network of artists. 

Artists who require extra hands on assistant may book private one-on-one training sessions with our team’s local mentor!

SMP Skool
"I know what it takes to build and scale a successful SMP business from scratch in 2024... we use modern teaching methods to help our students learn much more than just the basics"
Ana James
Founder & SMP Trainer

Our Students said

Ready to get started?

INKD SMP is respected worldwide for our professionalism and ultra-realistic results – by achieving an INKD SMP Scalp Micropigmentation training certificate, your clients will know you’ve been vetted for and assessed by AJ herself personally.

We take pride in our work and that includes training –  to receive a certificate our students must complete all skills and hands-on assessments to the high standard we expect.

Contact our team for training enquiries. Please provide your phone number so we may contact you.


Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a life changing, game changing and transformative solution to hair loss! It is a unisex cosmetic procedure that involves tattooing the scalp to create the illusion of new hair follicles. Pigment is deposited below the epidermis layer using a stippling or dotting method. 

Scalp micropigmentation offers a non-surgical and non-invasive solution for individuals seeking to address hair loss, create the look of a shaved head, or enhance their existing hairstyle. It provides a natural looking alternative to hair transplants or other hair restoration methods, and can significantly boost self-confidence and self-esteem!

Scalp Micropigmentation experts.

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